A mirror is an essential accessory for any room, it helps make any space feel lighter, brighter and appear larger. At our showroom we have a selection of quality, framed mirrors on display, we can also cut and process mirror to your individual requirements.

Mirror cut to size, shape and design

  • CNC Processing enables an unlimited array of designs
  • Polishing, bevelling, drill holes and safety backing
  • Gym mirrors, detailed designs, bathrooms and more

Framed mirrors 

  • Contemporary, art deco, chic designs and more
  • From bathroom mirrors, living areas and bedrooms
  • Create your theme and reflect your room and light

Our mirror showrooms

  • Over 100 mirrors on display
  • An extensive range of styles and sizes
  • We can help you find your perfect mirror

A range of mirror colour tints

  • Silver, gold, blue, green, pink, antique, grey and more
  • Sandblasting designs and patterns
  • Available in 2-6mm