Leaded Lights & Stained Glass Designs

Here at Exeter & Mackenzie Glass Centres we have been manufacturing lead lights for over 40 years.

We use traditional materials and techniques to re-create the beautiful windows of the past for up to date modern living.

Manufacturing a leadlight is a very skilled job, it begins with a full size drawing then all the required glass is cut by hand we don't use any machines only a simple hand glass cutter then various thickness of lead cames are used to make up the window finishing with cementing and a final clean

You can visit our workshop by arrangement to view your windows being made

Why choose us for your Lead Lights?

  • We have over 40 years of experience
  • We use only the best materials
  • We offer friendly advice on all aspects of the work involved
  • We offer free quotations
  • We guarantee the quality and workmanship
  • We can supply and deliver
  • We can install on site
  • We offer client approval at all stages of leadlight manufacture
  • We have many designs on show in the workshop


With very old leaded lights the solder joints tend to break making the window weaker in this case we would need to remove the leaded light for repair in our workshop.

other types of repair may involve replacement glass if we are unable to match the glass then we can replace other pieces to balance the look of the window.

Leaded Lights Gallery