ClearShield Eco - System

The innovative surface treatment that protects & renovates glass from the elements!

The surface treatment can provide an all round solution for glass. It can RENOVATE corroded glass & bring it back to a 'like new' appearance. The treatment becomes part of the glass through a chemical reaction, giving a DURABLE PROTECTION to the glass, stopping the glass from corroding, keeping it 'like new' and making it easier to clean. Another additional benefit of the treatment is that it provides an ANTI MICROBIAL surface which resists the growth of bacteria, viruses & fungi - ideal for areas in which hygiene is paramount.  

How & Where ClearShield Eco-System Works

External Glass Applications

  • Glass windows & doors
  • Building facades 
  • Balcony's & balustrades
  • Ships & boat screens
  • Glass roof & canopies
  • Conservatories


Internal Glass Applications

  • Shower & bath screens & enclosures
  • Glass splashbacks 
  • Internal partitioning 
  • Balustrades & mezzanine glass 
  • Mirrors
  • Internal glazing - ideal for hospitals & schools


ClearShield For Glass Renovation - See the middle glass balustrade above!

  • If glass isn't protected, over time it can become corroded
  • Especially if the glass is situated near coastal areas & swimming pools
  • When all other cleaning options fail, ClearShield can be your answer
  • It can restore glass to a 'like new' appearance & protect it at the same time


97% less bacteria by applying the treatment

  • Proven by the UK Public Health Laboratory to hinder bacterial growth
  • Ideal for Hospitals, Dentist & Doctor Surgeries & Schools
  • It resists the growth of bacteria, saving cleaning time
  • Ensuring the highest hygiene standards are maintained 


Upgrading glass with the surface treatment

  • ClearShield can be applied to both new & installed glass
  • Easy-Clean surface, the application will make glass easier to clean
  • It protects glass from the elements both internally & externally
  • See the difference in the picture above from untreated & treated glass


Applied by our trained glaziers & processors across our branch network 

  • We can apply the treatment to installed & pre-installed glass
  • Our team is fully qualified & trained by Ritec International
  • We are able to renovate glass onsite to 'like new' appearance
  • An award winning glass treatment